Wednesday, April 28, 2010

South Africa’s Mine Sweeper: Coming to America

Detecting and defusing IEDs and mines has been a preoccupation of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The South Africa-based RSD, a division of Dorbyl, has developed a vehicle mounted mine detector (VMMD) system that it is supplying to the US Army and US Marine Corps through its US marketing arm Critical Solutions International (CSI).

The VMMD system is a route-clearing system that includes a mine detection vehicle, detonation trailers with a prime mover, and support packages. The VMMD is based on the earlier Interim VMMD system, which consisted of a Meerkat mine-detection vehicle, and a Husky prime mover and detonation trailer system.

VMMD Meerkat
The Army was the first US service to purchase the VMMD system. It has to date acquired 250 systems, which include more than 500 vehicles. Recently, the US Marine Corps and the Canadian military ordered VMMD systems of their own.

The VMMD’s primary function is to detect metallic explosive hazards and protect troops and equipment conducting explosive hazard missions to assure the mobility of the force at the strategic through tactical level. 

The employment strategy for the VMMD system involves a lead mine-detection vehicle searching for antitank mines. Upon detection, the prime mover would move forward towing the detonation trailers. A squad of engineers could then neutralize the mine or the trailers could detonate the mines in place. 

Contracts and Key Events
March 24/10: Critical Solutions International in Carrollton, TX received a $7.2 million firm-fixed-price delivery order (#0004) under a previously awarded contract (M67854-09-D-5115) to provide spare parts for the Vehicle Mounted Mine Detectors (VMMD) System. Work will be performed in South Africa, and is expected to be complete by November 2010. The Marine Corps Systems Command in Quantico, VA manages the contract.

Sept 23/09: Critical Solutions International in Dallas, TX received a $259.9 million firm-fixed-priced-contract for 150 vehicle mounted mine detectors (VMMD) without mine detonation trailer set. Work is to be performed in Gauteng, South Africa, with an estimated completion date of December 2012. TACOM-Warren, AMSCC-TAC-ADCB, in Warren, MI manages the contract (W56HZV-08-D-0001). 

Dec 23/08: Critical Solutions International in Dallas, TX received an $18 million firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/ indefinite-quantity contract with a maximum ordering quantity of 4 spare parts blocks and 1 lot of individual spare parts for the VMMD System. The initial delivery order is for 4 spare parts blocks valued at $16.5 million. Work will be performed in Dallas, TX, and is expected to be complete by Dec 22/10. This contract is a sole source award to CSI to supply parts for VMMD systems currently in theater. The Marine Corps Systems Command in Quantico, VA manages the contract (M67854-09-D-5029). 

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  1. You may be interested to know that the Ground Penetrating Radar system that mounts on the Husky is designed and built here in Virginia, by NIITEK Inc. (I help build it!)