Friday, June 25, 2010

The ATN PS40-3P Day/Night System

American Technologies Network, Corp.’s new ATN PS40-3P Day/Night Scope System allows a daytime scope Night Vision capability in seconds by mounting in front of the daytime scope enabling nighttime operation. The ATN PS40-3P use state-of-the-art ITT Pinnacle™ Image Intensifier Tubes that utilize an auotgated power supply providing outstanding resolution and performance; especially in urban areas. The Pinnacle Tubes minimize the “halo” effect commonly associated with urban areas where street lights or light filtered pollution has obstructed earlier generation night vision devices.

The ATN PS40-3P easily mounts in front of a daytime scope without tools, or loss of zero and comes with a quick release mount for instant disassembly. Featuring a fast catadioptic front lens system, the ATN PS40-3P has a large 40mm output window and automatic brightness control. The lenses are Proshield coated which protects against scratches, condensation, static and glare.

An optional 7/8” weaver mount is available, as is, an optional scope mounting system that attaches the PS40-3P unit to the objective of the day scope (47-50; 56-58.7 mm diameter).

Now law enforcement and security professionals do not have to change weapons or sight systems when the sun goes down. The ATN PS40-3P turns day scopes night vision capable, quickly and easily, while keeping the target in clear sight.

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