Monday, June 14, 2010

Elbit Systems Introduces at Eurosatory 2010: New Dual Remote Weapon Station (DRWS)

As many of you already know, I am in the city of lights this week for the HUGE Eurosatory conference.  Lots of new products being debuted, so I'll try to keep you up to date with as much as I can...... 

This is pretty impressive, from Elbit in Israel:

Elbit Systems Ltd. introducing a new Dual Remote Weapon Station (DRWS).
The new Dual Remote Weapon Station (DRWS) is a derivative of Elbit Systems RCWS-M, a medium-sized remotely-controlled weapon station, in serial production and qualified for service in the Austrian Army.             
With features such as lightweight, low silhouette, stabilized dual axis and the ability to be externally mounted (without hull penetration), the DRWS is highly suitable for a variety of AFVs, APCs as well as other platforms. The Dual Remote Weapon Station is equipped with two weapons, the primary weapon can be a 40 mm AGL or a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, and the secondary weapon is a 7.62 mm machine gun. The DRWS provides the operator with the advantage of being able to use both, 40 mm grenades with a lethal surface affect, as well as a 7.62 mm machine gun used for specific targets.                                                                            
The DRWS is equipped with a day camera, a night vision camera and a laser range finder (LRF), and is remotely operated from the gunner or commander workstations. Targets areacquired via either one of the video channels connecting the day camera, or night vision camera to the gunner and commander displays. Automatic Target Tracking is available via the day or thermal channels, with the cameras set to the narrow field of view. These capabilities allow the gunner to perform accurate aiming and firing, and hit static and moving targets, while being either static or on the move.
A unique DRWS feature is its ability to work in Surveillance Mode. A dedicated elevation drive enables the weapon to be pointed upwards at the maximum elevation angle, while the operator surveys the theater of operation with the optical pod. While in Surveillance Mode the firing is disabled.
The DRWS can be interfaced with a variety of systems such as surveillance pods, Laser Warning System (ELAWS), Acoustic Firing Locator System (AFLS), Weapon Integrated Battle Management System (WINBMS), See-Through-Armor (STA), Local Situational Awareness System (LSAS) and an external vehicle mast-mounted observation pod, turning the new Dual RWS into a highly effective sensor-to-shooter and observer-to-shooter weapon station.
The DRWS is based on Elbit Systems proprietary experience and know-how, in the fields of fire control systems, turret drives and stabilization systems, automatic target trackers and electro-optical sensors, generated and refined over the course of more than thirty years of service on the IDF's main battle tank, the Merkava, and other armored fighting vehicles and main battle tanks worldwide. 
Wonder how long it takes to venture over here to the US.  Hmmmmm..........

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