Tuesday, June 15, 2010

G-NIUS’ Avantguard Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle Delivered to IDF

G-NIUS Unmanned Ground Systems Ltd., a jointly-owned company of Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE : ESLT) and Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., recently announced that its AvantGuard® UGCV was delivered to the IDF.

Based on the technological strength and capabilities of G-NIUS’ Guardium™ UGV system, as well as building on the Tactical Amphibious Ground Support (TAGS) vehicle excellent maneuverability in harsh terrain environments, the AvantGuard® UGCV significantly expands the applications envelope to encompass Counter IED (CIED) and ground maneuvering combat missions. 

Employing a set of modular payloads such as: Ground Penetrating Radar, Counter IED Jammer, Mini-Pop cooled thermal surveillance camera, Counter Human & Vehicle Detection Radar and more, and based on its inherent endurance, AvantGuard® can be effectively deployed in a variety of combat missions including: Counter IED, Advance Guard, Armed Sentry, Combat Logistic Support, CASEVAC and more. It is controlled by a mobile or portable Operational Control Unit (OCU), and can also operate in a Follow-me mode, where it is autonomously trailing a guide-foot soldier.  

The rapid and effective integration of the Guardium's autonomous kit to the TAGS platform underscores the robustness and adaptability of G-NIUS' strapped-on autonomy approach.

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