Saturday, July 10, 2010

iGov Awarded United States Marine Corps TCWS Contract

iGov, prime contractor for TACLAN and provider of evolutionary tactical network systems and support programs, recently announced that it was awarded the Tactical Collaborative Work Suite (TCWS) contract by the United States Marine Corps (USMC). TCWS initial contract task supports the Marine for the development, delivery and support of 2 baseline systems and associated services. The period of performance on the contract has options for up to 3 years and is for production of up to 117 TCWS systems. The contract has a maximum overall value of $25M.

The TCWS is a man-portable tactical collaborative system with the current system comprised of a virtualized hosting platform providing segmented physical hardware and virtualized software platforms that provide portal, synchronous, and asynchronous collaboration capabilities to Marines in the field.

The primary purpose of this contract is to field an updated TCWS system in a smaller, lighter weight, easily moveable, simplified, and operator-friendly expeditionary platform with a standardized set of capabilities that allows for Marines to deploy, manage, maintain, and update the system without System Integrator reliance and/or dependencies. The contract award calls for iGov to provide engineering, procurement, integration, testing, fielding, and training.

"iGov is proud to have won another significant technology contract that will assist in the success of our armed forces," said Patrick Neven, Chairman and CEO of iGov.  "As a company, our goal will continue to be an innovative technology partner to support war fighter programs."

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