Monday, August 30, 2010

Applied Energetics Enters Into Teaming Agreement With L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation

Applied Energetics, Inc. (Nasdaq: AERG) today announced that it has entered into a strategic teaming agreement with L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation (IEC) to pursue DoD contracts involving counter-IED systems. L-3 Communications is the 6th largest defense contractor in the United States, and IEC is an operating division of L-3 Communications. Under the terms of this agreement, Applied Energetics will serve as prime contractor with L-3 IEC positioned as subcontractor. The two companies intend to collaborate on proposal development, marketing of systems and services and activities mutually agreed in the pursuit of new business.

The agreement will provide Applied Energetics a leading engineering, technical and manufacturing group capability. Applied Energetics intends to focus its efforts in technical areas requiring high voltage electronics, systems integration, systems testing and development for support of advanced counter-IED technologies. L-3 IEC is expected to contribute expertise in power electronics, systems engineering, configuration control and production management.

Joseph Hayden, President and Chief Operating Officer of Applied Energetics, commented, "We are very pleased to be able to work closely with L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation and formalize the relationship that has been growing between our companies. L-3 IEC has been providing field support for our counter-IED systems and their responsiveness, professionalism and quality of personnel have been superb. This agreement is expected to allow us to leverage their experience and capabilities to establish a solid reputation for delivering quality electronics to the DoD and commercial customers. Our companies will continue to examine ways in which we can work together to provide outstanding service, products and value to our customers."

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