Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DRS Technologies wins USMC Phase II contract for on-board vehicle power (OBVP) generation kits

DRS Technologies Inc. won a Phase II contract for On-Board Vehicle Power for 15 Hybrid Electric High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs or Humvees). The award is the result of a down-select by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) from two competing designs, reveals a company representative.

DRS previously provided a preliminary product sample and a first article test vehicle for a side-by-side technology assessment by the Marine Corps at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Aberdeen, Md.

Delivery of Phase II initial production units is scheduled for February 2011.

Gary Smith, vice president and general manager of DRS Test and Energy Management, says: "DRS listened to the evolving requirements of the Marine Corps and military customers and responded with an integrated solution that uses power products from DRS companies in Huntsville, Ala.; Fitchburg, Mass.; and Bridgeport, Conn., to develop DRS' On-Board Vehicle Power system.

Each HMMWV will now have the capability of producing more than 30kW of electrical power through an advanced generator system embedded within the HMMWV's existing transmission. The OBVP will provide the USMC enhanced mobile electric power generation with minimal impact to vehicle mobility or payload. It is also designed to increase the Marines' flexibility during deployment in the field by providing an efficient source of clean power anywhere the vehicle can travel.

LTG Jerry Sinn, U.S. Army, (Ret.) president of DRS Tactical Systems Group, notes: "This solution demonstrates the potential for radical improvements in power generation for today's modern warfighter. This is truly a milestone for DRS' power team."

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