Monday, September 13, 2010

L-3 unit will upgrade Marine Corps’ remote sensor system

L-3 Communications Inc. has won a $52.8 million Defense Department follow-on contract to support the Marine Corps’ Tactical Remote Sensor Systems program. 

Under this five-year award, company subsidiary L-3 Nova Engineering will provide equipment, upgrades and repairs, and program management services in support of the TRSS initiative. 

The field-proven TRSS captures, processes and transmits imagery that significantly improves situational awareness on the battlefield, said Mark Fischer, president of L-3 Nova Engineering, in a company announcement released today. 

Thousands of units and components already have been deployed, he said.

L-3’s TRSS system provides the capability for all-weather remote monitoring of activity within and near a given objective area, the announcement states. 

The system provides autonomous and continuous unattended sensor surveillance of multiple distant areas and can detect the presence of movement and classify the target, identifying it as personnel or wheeled or tracked vehicles, while also determining the direction of movement. 

This capability allows troops to know what type of activity is occurring in an area of interest and respond accordingly in real time. 

Cincinnati-based L-3 Nova Engineering designs, develops and produces digital and real-time embedded software and hardware for communications and telemetry applications.

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