Friday, October 22, 2010

Height Adjustable Cargo Restraint Nets

Networks Enterprises, Inc. is a U. S. based company located in New Hudson, Michigan that manufactures and distributes their multiple patented LoadTamer® Height Adjustable Cargo Restraint Nets and related hardware for commercial, tactical wheeled, MRAP/MATV, combat vehicles, ATV’s, trailers, milvans, Zodiacs, helicopters, ISU 90’s and all hard wall shelters which require internal restraint.  All nets have U.S. National Stock Numbers, are classified as Additional Authorized Items (U.S. Army & U.S.M.C) Class IX, U.S. Air Force Airlift Certified and NATICK approved.  All branches of the U.S. Military DOD Agencies and many Allied Militaries have approved and are using the LoadTamer® Cargo Nets. Networks website: provides a good visual of how the built in height adjustment is achieved and showcases the nets and hardware on a variety of platforms.

Additional products include: the LoadTamer® Deployable Flooring Solutions for maintenance shelters, TOC’s, walkways, motor pools, shelter mud doormats at entry, etc.

Also, LoadTamer® Solar Shield is used to mitigate solar loading on vehicles and shelters (currently being used on combat/wheeled vehicles & shelters).  Interior temperatures are reduced by as much as 60° + F allowing the ICU’s to function properly, reach life cycle and reduce fuel consumption by 15% (U.S. Army environmentally tested). 

LoadTamer® Rope Locks, used on a variety of Army/USMC small/medium and large tents, securely hold the wind lines with no slippage even in high winds (NATICK tested & approved). These Rope Locks have been used by DRASH and Hunter Defense (Base-X) for over seven years, replacing the “dogbone” that always slipped in windy conditions creating tent damage and causing human injury.

Quickie Tie-Downs, available in ¼” & 3/8” (dia.), are a rope ratcheting system for tarping or when light loads require positive restraint.

Networks Enterprises, Inc. also supplies a variety of tie down hardware, aviation track, single, double & triple stud fittings and a button style tie down with a single stud tie down ring.

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