Wednesday, November 17, 2010

20 contracts you can't ignore in 2011

By Nick Wakeman

In our annual roundup of the 20 most important contracts that are about to hit the market, Washington Technology culled data from FedSources and Input. The contracts are ranked by the dollar size of their ceilings. Actual business that will flow through these contracts likely will be less.

The contracts this year weigh heavily toward IT support and professional services. Support for the military is the most common driver behind many of these contracts.

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1. Strategic Services Sourcing 2nd Generation
Agency: Army Materiel Command
Value: $30 billion
RFP: November 2012
Award: December 2014
Solicitation No.: N/A
Purpose: This is a follow-on contract to the current S3 contract. The Army uses the contract for engineering services and logistics and business operations support for command and control systems. The contract is a multiple-award contract. The current contract has seven incumbents that have done more than $4.5 billion in task orders.

2. Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise
Agency: Army Materiel Command
Value: $30 billion
RFP: February 2011
Award: January 2012
Solicitation No.: W52P1J10RXXXX
Purpose: The contract has four functional areas: supply, maintenance, transportation support, and plans and operations. The contract will primarily support logistics operations. It is replacing the Army’s Field and Installation Readiness Support Team contract and some other smaller vehicles. This will be a multiple-award contract.

3. Communication and Transmission Systems
Agency: Army
Value: $19.5 billion
RFP: May 2011
Award: February 2012
Solicitation No.: W91QUZ10CTSPWSQA
Purpose: This contract will be used to acquire a variety of communications services, including satellite, microwave, fiber optics, over-the horizon, radio and wireless. The contract also will be used for equipment, hardware and support services. The Army is looking for turnkey solutions on this contract as well. It is expected to be a multiple-award contract.

4. Defense Language Interpretation and Translation Enterprises
Agency: Army
Value: $15 billion
RFP: Expected by the end of calendar 2010.
Award: March 2011
Solicitation No.: W911W410R0011
Purpose: This contract will be used by the military and other U.S. agencies to acquire foreign language and regional expertise to help the government meet its missions. Translators and analysts will work on-site and remotely. Services will include translating and interpreting from English to other languages in addition to from other languages into English.

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