Monday, November 1, 2010

Stryker contact awards last month total over $140M

Oct 13/10 saw over $140 million in announced contracts related to the US Army’s Stryker fleet. The US Army’s 8×8 Stryker family of wheeled armored vehicles were originally put forward as a C-130-portable medium armor fleet, which might eventually replace heavy and medium tracked vehicle altogether. Battlefield reality ended up pouring very cold water on that notion, as the resulting vehicles could not be carried by C-130s in ready to fight condition, had trouble handling difficult terrain, and can’t be relied on to face enemy heavy armor.

On the other hand, the Stryker Brigade Combat Teams have proven to be very mobile on roads, using their relative silence to tactical advantage, making good use of their advanced computers and communication gear in counter-insurgency fights, and handling certain weapons like land mines and enemy RPG anti-tank rockets better than most people expected they would. The economic lifeline that roads represent will always be an important aspect of any American-style counterinsurgency fight, and Strykers have obvious value for domestic emergencies as well. Hence the fleet’s ongoing popularity.

You can view more about the contract awards here.

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