Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tactical Communications expands TCC-1 Tactical Mobile Console

Tactical Communications Corporation expanded its Tactical Communications Console (TCC-1) options by adding PoE (Power over Ethernet) and headset connections. The TCC-1 is a rugged Voice over IP (VoIP) networked radio, telephone and intercom communications console designed for operation in mobile platform and shelter environments.

Providing headset connection on the TCC-1 eliminates associated cost and space consumption of separate headset boxes and cables in mobile platforms or shelters.   The headset connector options include a U-229/U or Bowman Pressel. 

Incorporating with PoE with the TCC-1 proves added benefit of reducing vehicle cabling and increasing mobility to the TCC-1.  PoE also provides the ability to move beyond the vehicle perimeter.

The TCC-1 LCD/keyboard user interface is software programmable; including 5 function keys, radio and softphone control GUIs.  The TCC-1 may be operated in LCD touch screen, mouse/keyboard or in key driven cursor interface modes. 

All TCC-1 user interface mode options are designed for managing operator communications with multiple combat networked radio, telephone and intercom users.  The TCC-1 cursor driven mode allows an operator with gloved hands to select a desired radio or intercom channel.

The TCC-1 operator may also conference or patch, radio and telephone users, make Public Address announcements and simultaneously broadcast to multiple radios and user terminals over the IP network. TCC-1 include a "softphone" that interoperates with industry standard SIP or H.323 computers, IP phones and IP network equipment. 

Mission-specific and personalized GUI screens with access rights to specific conference nets, intercoms or radios may be loaded to each TCC-1 upon operator log-in. The TCC-1 supports a variety of headset, microphone and speaker interfaces with "hot mic" or PTT operation.  The TCC-1 is available in desktop or panel mount configurations and includes a built-in speaker and microphone.

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