Friday, November 5, 2010

Video processing system helps transform airborne sensor imagery into actionable intelligence while on the move

L-3 Interstate Electronics Corp. (L-3 IEC) in Anaheim, Calif., is introducing the micro-handheld VideoScout-MXR full-motion video processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) management system with intelligence capabilities that helps enable warfighters to use video, metadata, and user applications while on the move. VideoScout-MXR enables forward personnel to receive, exploit and disseminate video and telemetry data directly from several airborne sensor platforms, such as manned and unmanned aircraft.

L-3’s VideoScout-MXR enables personnel to capture, display, and record live video with full DVR has, extract actionable subset video, create JPEG and NITF image files with metadata for reference and dissemination, and annotate and archive video and images for easy search, retrieval and dissemination.

To allow intelligence operations to share a common view of the battlespace, VideoScout-MXR can be connected to a network, large monitors, keyboards or peripherals to create a full, shared workstation environment. The MXR can receive several simultaneous video feeds when connected to a network -- one via RF through a remotely placed antenna, and the others from the network.

L-3’s VideoScout-MXR supports applications that include mission planning, targeting and mapping, where users can geo-locate video using common mapping software, such as FalconView, while remaining on the move, or with Google Earth when connected to a network.

Users can view incoming video and associated maps side by side with vehicle position, path and field of view plotted in real time. Tactical INTEL personnel can locate previously recorded videos and images by using several search has or by selecting a desired area on a map.

The VideoScout-MXR integrates VideoScout Insyte PED management software with the Soldier intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) receiver (SIR) from L-3 Communication Systems-West. SIR provides secure digital and analog multi-band reception, including L-, S-, and C-band frequencies, with the ability to support Ku-bands in 2011. The system’s small, portable form factor, multi-band analog/digital radios offers PC functionality that supports Microsoft Windows applications.

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