Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boeing's SDS System

The Boeing Co. Directed Energy Systems segment in Albuquerque, N.M., is introducing the Surveillance Detection System (SDS) that identifies when forces are being monitored or targeted by cameras, binoculars, sniper scopes, or other optical means. The Boeing SDS provides near-real-time 360-degree detection of optical threats. The SDS can be adapted to track counter-surveillance; snipers; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; and improvised explosive devices.

The SDS combines sensing and processing components in a compact, rugged package. The system provides the range and GPS position of detected threats in a prioritized database built on real-time target interrogations to greatly increase situational awareness and identification. Boeing military laser engineers used the company's own money to develop the SDS on a U.S. government test range within two months of the release of initial customer requirements, and completed field testing over the past year.

"Combining Boeing's advanced pointing and tracking solutions and real-time processing with our rapid-prototyping experience, this system is able to provide warfighters with the tactical advantage they need in hostile environments," says Mike Rinn, vice president of Boeing Directed Energy Systems.

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