Friday, December 10, 2010

Codan Receives JITC Certification for 2110 HF Manpack

Codan recently announced that it has received certification from the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) for the Codan 2110 high frequency (HF) manpack transceiver.

According to the notification, the Codan 2110 manpack is certified as conforming to the Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) requirements of Military Standard (MIL-STD)-188-141B, Interoperability and Performance Standards for Medium and HF Radio Equipment.

The JITC certification enables interoperability between Codan and other HF radio brands and establishes a common waveform for ALE operation. This is important in coalition and Partnership for Peace (PFP) operations and the extension of HF networks for emergency preparedness and disaster relief.

“JITC certification is a major differentiator for Codan HF radios and we are pleased to support the MIL-STD-188-141B in both our NGT and 2110-based systems,” said Andrew W. Sheppard, vice president and general manager, Codan US, Inc. “Codan is committed to supporting the need for critical interoperability between coalition and Partnership-for-Peace (PfP) countries and expansion of these requirements within Central Asia, the Middle East and developing world countries.”

Within minutes of a radio operator initiating a call, ALE chooses the best frequency and signals the operators on both ends so they can begin communicating with each other immediately. One of the many benefits of ALE is that it eliminates the need for repetitive calling on pre-determined time schedules and monitoring static on HF radios.

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